Our work consists of translating and writing clearly, precisely, attractively and professionally. o Putting together and reworking texts aimed at a specific audience and at an objective. o Doing so with specialisation, a sense of detail and with just the right dose of inspiration. o Each project is a small (or large) challenge that we tackle enthusiastically and in a thoughtful manner. o Technology is essential, but we're responsible for putting down the words from beginning to end.

twotranslate is made up of two independent translators: Helga Zimmerman and Oscar Villafuerte. They offer translation, editing, DTP, localisation and contents creation services.

Our main areas include (but are not limited to): information technology, marketing, travel and tourism, art and culture, catering, sports, education, e-learning, graphic design and advertising. Our target languages are German and Spanish. Our source languages include: EN, ES, DE and FR.

We work with translation, localisation and consulting agencies, as well as with direct clients, companies and institutions. We live in Madrid and these pages are our virtual address.


It's taken us a while, but the site is finally up and running. We'll try to keep it brief and to the point. If you need any further information, these are our contact details.

Just briefly

Translating is more than just using computers and dictionaries. Something well written requires a methodology, imagination and time with just the right balance. Nothing original, just a way of working.