Specialization and practical experience in areas we have in-depth knowledge about and that interest us or We apply the policy of just the right time: as quickly as possible, but always as best as possible or We make an effort to work with the customer: not losing any context and knowing what the aim is or Capacity to analyze, remember and process or Permanent curiosity (for work, of course, but about everything else too)


  • IT: software and hardware, telecommunications, networks, applications, videogames
  • Travel guides and websites
  • Hotels and Tourism
  • Museums, Art and History
  • Advertising, Public Relations and Marketing
  • E-learning, e-commerce
  • Photography, graphical arts and professional design
  • Corporate documents
  • Sports management


  • Professional practical knowledge about our areas of specialisation
  • Ability to solve technical problems during the localisation process
  • Efficiency through using the right tools for each project
  • With agencies: trust, reliability and collaboration
  • With direct customers: overall project management, direct communication and cost advantages


  • Doing one thing at a time
  • Knowing about the problem
  • Learning how to listen
  • Asking the right questions
  • Differentiating what's essential from what isn't
  • Accepting that change is inevitable
  • Admitting errors
  • Saying things simply
  • Not losing our nerves
  • Smiling